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Reject Raytheon/Pratt & Whitney Subsidies – Enact Moratorium on Permitting of Military-Industrial Facilities

We urge the Buncombe County Commissioners to rescind their offer of $27 million in property tax give-backs to Raytheon and to enact a moratorium on the permitting of new military-industrial facilities until sustainable development policies are developed.

We have many concerns with the plans of Pratt & Whitney (a Raytheon subsidiary) to operate a 1.2 million square foot jet engine parts plant with a new 5-lane bridge over the French Broad River.  Why should we have to pay our property taxes while they get a free ride?

  • Pollution of Our Water, Land and Air – Over 90 environmental lawsuits have been filed against Raytheon plants. 
  • Traffic and Decreased Quality of Life – Traffic is already congested near the plant site. Further development will make it worse.
  • Citizen Input was Ignored  – Citizens spoke against the deal to subsidize the plant 21 to 1.  Commissioners voted without debate. 
  • Military-Industrial Corporations Don’t Need Subsidies – Raytheon is profiting from endless wars and civilian deaths in Yemen and around the world. They are maximizing profits by moving plants to ‘right-to-work’ states while laying off hundreds of union workers in Connecticut. 

 We need our government to enact fiscal policies across the board that will benefit local residents and small businesses in a more sustainable way.

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