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We live in a time of endless war and climate emergency. Investing in the military industrial complex is the wrong priority. We don't need multi-national companies like Raytheon's Pratt & Whitney in WNC. Instead, we need to work toward a just, local, and life-sustaining future.

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Reject Raytheon Receives

2021 WNC Peacemaker of the Year Award

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“Honk for Humane Jobs” – by Taylor Barnes

“On a warm Saturday morning in May, a group of demonstrators gathered in a public square in Asheville, North Carolina, for the kind of protest lawmakers don’t usually foresee when they haggle for a share of the United States’ massive military budget to be spent in their home districts. The environmentalists, anti-war veterans, and economic justice advocates go by the name Reject Raytheon AVL, a reference to Massachusetts-based Raytheon Technologies, the world’s second-largest weapons maker. A division of the company, Pratt & Whitney, is building a new engine parts plant in their city, and the protesters oppose the millions of dollars in subsidies their county and state governments have committed to Raytheon, arguing the money should instead support green jobs.  . . .”

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Who We Are

Reject Raytheon AVL is a local movement of activists and peacemakers who have come together to oppose the Buncombe County Board of Commissioners’ and state legislature’s support for the building of the Pratt & Whitney plant in Asheville.

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The P & W Story

Who is Pratt and Whitney? How and when did they land a deal with the county and state?

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What’s New?

The building of the plant and Reject Raytheon AVL’s opposition has been in the news since the plant’s announcement. The movement also has regular actions and events.

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Since December 2020 Reject Raytheon AVL has continuously held actions that include calls to action. Learn about past and upcoming actions and events.

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One of Reject Raytheon AVL’s goals is to educate ourselves and the community about the issues surrounding the building of the Pratt & Whitney plant and its parent company, Raytheon Technologies.

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“It is morally indefensible to profit from perpetual war.

We have the right to protect our communities from the ravages and weapons of war.”

– Poor People’s Campaign