Jenny and Ken, two members of the Reject Raytheon AVL movement, were interviewed by The Peace Report creator, Will Griffin, in this podcast. They capture the way the movement began and what issues are important to the fight against Raytheon and other military contractors.


Will Griffin was a paratrooper in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Since leaving the military, he has dedicated himself to anti-war and anti-imperialism learning and activism. He created the news platform, The Peace Report, to inform others about what he is learning. From The Peace Report Facebook page, he says about his media platform, “The goal of The Peace Report is to provide antiwar news and to provide ways to fight against the US war machine. TPR will provide ways to organize with existing organizations and new ideas to create a more peaceful world. . . .TPR wants to [help] organize people into participating in the political system to fight back against racism, materialism, and militarism.”