Principles for Local Land Use and Economic Development

  1. Commit to just, equitable, and sustainable development that prioritizes the needs of communities of color and other historically marginalized and disenfranchised people
  2. Mitigate the climate emergency
  3. Protect the Earth by exceeding the state environmental protections regarding water, air, and soil quality and maintaining green spaces
  4. Oppose recruitment and investment in war or fossil fuel corporations
  5. Invest public money equitably  in local and regional businesses, not multi-national corporations
  6. Generate jobs with a living wage that guarantee workers’ right to organize
  7. Focus on essential community needs, such as deeply affordable housing, health care, education, social services, infrastructure, renewable energy
  8. Hold new industries accountable to the community by requiring contributions to essential community needs in exchange for tax incentives
  9. Make no secret deals – Engage the public in meaningful and transparent decision making from the very beginning of the economic development process