Some Jonathan Swift "seamless sarcasm" LTE by Bill Branyon

LTE in Mountain Xpress: Pratt & Whitney is no great deal for community

Reject Raytheon AVL member, Ken Jones, writes Letter to the Editor.

"Understanding the War Industry - The Local and the Hopeful" with Christian Sorensen

Christian Sorensen gave an amazingly, informative talk on May 2nd. He provided an overview of how the military-industrial-congressional complex works, invaluable information about North Carolina war industries that could be converted, and some ideas on how citizens can counter the hold the defense industry has on our economy and foreign policy. You can watch the webinar here. Thanks to Massachusetts Peace Action  and Veterans for Peace for live-streaming the event and to Massachusetts Peace Action for posting it on their YouTube Channel. 

On The Radio

Jenny Andry and Melody Shank were interviewed by Mark Lieberman on his 103.7 radio show, The World According to Mark, about the Pratt & Whitney deal and its limitations for a peaceful, just, sustainable future. It aired on Tuesday, April 27th and will air again on Saturday, May 1st at 10:00.  You can watch the taped interview here.

Ken Jones Gives Talk for Course Led by Well-known Peace Activist, Kathy Kelly

In this video Reject Raytheon AVL member, Ken Jones, gives a summary of how Pratt & Whitney got to Asheville and how the Reject Raytheon AVL movement started for the students in Kathy Kelly’s course, Lay Down My Sword and Shield: Source of and Resistance to Modern Wars.

Powerful Speech

Sunrise Movement member, Mel, gave a powerful speech at the Thrive Act Rally at the Federal Building on Wednesday, April 7th, about the promise of the . Read the script here: Mel's Thrive Rally Speech

RejectRaytheonAVL Featured in Video

The organization, The Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space, features our local movement against Raytheon & Pratt & Whitney in its recent YouTube video, The Fight Against Raytheon.