We Have a Song!

Tom Neilson, peace and social justice advocate, has been writing songs for over 50 years. He wrote this song for our action here in…

MountainX Op Ed: "Just Say No to Raytheon Technologies"


December Actions: Calling for Climate Action

Highlighting the Link between Climate Urgency and Need for a Green Transition We displayed our new 18’x6′ banner on the…

Reject Raytheon Receives 2 Peace Awards

2021 WNC Peacemaker of the Year Award NC Peace Action 2021 Peacemaker Award

Reject Raytheon AVL on Radio Free Nashville

Here's a radio interview that Reject Raytheon members, Ken Jones, Claire Clarke and Melody Shank, did with James Wohlgemuth on Radio Free…

Invest in Local Businesses - K. Jones LTE

Ken Jones responds to J Hackett's Citizen Times column about investing in local businesses, especially BIPOC businesses.

Subsidies and Incentives for Pratt & Whitney


Cost of War, 2001- 2022

Researchers for the Cost of War Project of the Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs at Brown University have calculated…