Reject Raytheon AVL on Radio Free Nashville

Here's a radio interview that Reject Raytheon members, Ken Jones, Claire Clarke and Melody Shank, did with James Wohlgemuth on Radio Free…

Invest in Local Businesses - K. Jones LTE

Ken Jones responds to J Hackett's Citizen Times column about investing in local businesses, especially BIPOC businesses.

Media Coverage from the Holiday Parade

Activists bring message of climate justice to Asheville Holiday Parade

Subsidies and Incentives for Pratt & Whitney


Cost of War, 2001- 2022

Researchers for the Cost of War Project of the Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs at Brown University have calculated…

RR AVL Members' Workshop at VfP Convention

RR AVL members Ken Jones, Claire Clark and Melody Shank give workshop entitled, Reject Raytheon: A Case Study Of Local Resistance To A War…

Opinion Piece in the Mountain Xpress by C. Heil

Some Jonathan Swift "seamless sarcasm" LTE by Bill Branyon