“Nothing can stop the power of an informed citizenry when it is empowered, organized, and motivated.”

– Ralph Nader


The proposed building of the Pratt & Whitney aerospace manufacturing plant raises many issues.  Reject Raytheon members have researched these issues to educate themselves and provide you a landing spot to learn more. The issues we have explored are:

  • the Mis-promise of jobs,  including Pratt & Whitney’s track record and commitment to seeking and retaining a racially, ethnically, and gender diverse workforce
  • Pratt & Whitney/Raytheon’s role in perpetuating war and a war economic, including where their products are used throughout the world
  • the lack of transparency in the economic development process in the state and Buncombe County
  • the environment impact:
    • of manufacturing processes at other Pratt & Whitney facilities
    • on wildlife, wetland, soil, river and entire  ecosystem of the factory site
    • of the weaponry, military bases, etc. in the countries where Raytheon products end up
  • alternative economic models that do not rely on fossil-fuel dependent and defense/security industries, but rather are “living economies” that are just, sustainable, and local