Ken Jones with McNair Ezzard on A Better World Radio Show

Protesting for Peace: McNair and Ken talk about the military industrial complex, and Raytheon moving into Asheville. Protesting the war machine, the war in Ukraine and increased military spending, nuclear concerns and the prospects for peace.

One Only Earth Hosting an Earth Day Activist Party!

The Only One Earth Coalition is hosting an Earth Day Activist Party at One World Brewing West on Sunday, April 23rd, 5-8 pm. The evening will be filled with music, laughter and networking among area peace, justice and environmental activists. The musician line-up includes Saro Lynch-Thomason, Kathryn O’Shea’s duo, a Womansong Ensemble and others. It will be a benefit for Southside Community Farm, a Black-led local economy-building project. We will hold a raffle to benefit Southside Community Farm and some of the door will be dedicated to  the Farm. One World Brewing is also generously making the Farm its May non-profit recipient. Admission will be a  suggested $10-$25 sliding-scale ticket, but no one will be turned away. The evening will be so much fun. Plan to come! More info will can be found here soon.

Next WIRN Webinar - March 22nd


At 8:00 on March 22nd, experts on Nuclear Disarmament will present the webinar, Nuclear Weapons Today – Peril and Promise. Learn more here

Pratt & Whitney Ribbon-Cutting Event Action

On November 16th a group of us gathered at the new bridge to the Pratt & Whitney plant to protest at the Ribbon-cutting ceremony, which was attended by local and state dignitaries. The plant is not near completion–some say full operation is still a year away. The ceremony seemed only  for publicity’s sake.

We march over the bridge and up the hill to the round-about at the entrance of the factory site and greeted the many ceremony attendees.

John Boyle wrote two articles about the Pratt & Whitney Ribbon-Cutting for Asheville Watchdog. The 2nd one focused on our voice of dissent.

First Article with reader comments.

Second Article

Past WIRN Webinar - "Truthkillers: Corporate Media and the MIC"

Upcoming WIRN Webinar - DEC. 1st "Truthkillers: Corporate Media and the MIC"

The first casualty of war, and militarism, is the truth. And the corporate mainstream media works diligently hand-in-glove with the US military-industrial complex to make this happen. Through its unquestioning repetition of government propaganda, its lies of omission, and its ratings-hungry war mongering, the media have become an essential part of the information war so endemic to US imperialism.

This webinar will describe this deadly relationship and how it has evolved to the point where virtually no dissent, no call for peace, no real understanding of declared adversaries is allowed. From Operation Mockingbird to CIA Director William Casey’s famous quote (“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false”), the control of the US public’s perceptions of its government’s role in the world has been long in the making.

Now that we are on the brink of nuclear armageddon as a result of the US/NATO pursuit of continuous war against Russia and soon, it appears, with China, it has never been more important to see through the lies fed to us from the corporate media. This webinar is a step in that direction.

Register Here

Divest from Death - Nov. 9th, 2022

Every year, U.S. war profiteers — Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics, and Boeing — fuel violence here and abroad with billions of dollars of weapons manufacturing to arm violent regimes in Saudi Arabia, Israel, the Philippines, so many other countries – and to local police departments across the U.S.
Our local event was held in response to a national call to action from The Dissenters ( They say: “Our communities are rising up to break the power of the U.S. war industry, and halt the unjust war on communities of color around the world.”
In Buncombe County, we called out Pratt & Whitney, the Raytheon division that is building a plant here to make jet engine components for the F-35 fighter jets. We also urged our local governments, businesses, and universities to divest from war corporations, to say no more complicity with white supremacist militarism and imperialism.
We gathered with signs and speakers to express our dissent from the war industry and called for a commitment to peace, justice, and sustainability.